I am a Portuguese surgeon who works and lives in Lisbon

I do semi-professional photography for 25 years
I started my experience by fashion and advertising photography abandoned due to impossibility to reconcile with my academic and professional life. Then, even during the time of analogue photography, I focused mainly to the portrait and landscape, especially in black and white. By then put together a homemade darkroom lab and began to reveal and process my own work

It took me some time to adapt myself to the digital ... In 2006 I bought my first DSRL camera and I converted the new era

I have done works in many areas. Citing some examples: landscape, wildlife, urban, travel, street and glamour photography. I take pictures for passion and with passion, trying to respect some basic rules of technical performance wich I like to see myself as not too much unchained to.

I decided for a own website in order to easily show my work. Hope that you find it cosy enough

Thanks for coming here - your presence is my award. Please, feel free to contact me for any sort of questions